DSC06461burano, italy, 2017


DSC06102venezia, italia, 2017

gentle curves

DSC06004cables hanging elegantly into the lighthouse of murano, italy, 2017



per ferie… (at least for the rest of it)

burano, italy, 2017

blue door

DSC01899-Bearbeitetpunta sabbioni, italy, 2015


DSC01775-Bearbeitetsome container love from jesolo, italy, 2015


DSC01605-Bearbeitetla barena, laguna di venezia, 2015

lido layered

lido di venezia

lido di venezia, 2015

three little ducks

three little ducks

… let’s hope they all come back.

this is one of my few landscape photos. i took it close to lio piccolo in the laguna di venezia earlier this year.

pipe holes

pipe holes

an orange abstraction from venice, italy

who is the greatest

who is the greatest

i guess the one in the middle wins…

this is the bell tower of  san bartolomeo in venice, italy, very close to the rialto bridge.

got mail?

got mail?

a friendly letter box from venice, italy, that would probably win every staring contest.

pretty in pink

pretty in pink

a fire hydrant in venice, italy.

half of me

half of me

or rather three quarters…

venice, 2015

raining in paradise

raining in paradise

ok, it was only in punta sabbioni but it really was raining…

this is a view from the inside of the ferry to venice and the weather here in berlin inspired me to choose this shot :)

a merchant in venice

a merchant in venicebut they weren’t actually selling any kodak stuff anymore…

hand in the dark

hand in the dark

that’s the other hand of course.

from venice, march 2015.

full disclosure

full disclosuretrees are made out of wood

picture in picture

picture in picturefrom the lido di venezia. i like that the picture was pinned to a pine. the most photogenic tree there is.

quiet days in cliché

quiet days in cliché

or trying to avoid it…

this is a vertical panning shot at 1/2 second exposure time. and this is of course san giorgio maggiore in venice.

i’ve published this shot in monochrome already on last week. just in case it looks familiar, that’s why ;-)