let’s ape-roll

berlin treptow, 2022

another vacation constellation

a little less fortunate one, though – berlin lichtenberg, 2021

a vacation constellation

berlin kreuzberg, 2021

it had certain rings to it

heringsdorf, 2020

on work and vacation

en soms omgekeerd, rotterdam, 2019

gesloten met vakantie

rotterdam, the netherlands, 2019

see you soon!


per ferie… (at least for the rest of it)

burano, italy, 2017


poloniain case you wonder why this blog’s activity is quite low at the moment… that’s because i am in actual polonia. to be more specific close to the city of gdańsk right at the baltic sea. i’ll be back soon and this blog will revert back to normal operation.

fair enough

an empty fairground in porto san giorgio. they only come out at night…