do you remember the summer?

kölpinsee, 2020


heringsdorf, 2020

it had certain rings to it

heringsdorf, 2020

(closed) bridge over troubled water

wolgast, 2020

johnny cash – bridge over troubled water (click, hear)

on fire

sauzin, 2020

electrelane – i’m on fire (click, hear)

broken pipe

heringsdorf, 2020


usedom, 2020

poetize yourselves

poetize yourselvesyes, it’s a word!

found on the island of usedom. besides the interesting implications of the slogan i liked the several shades of blue.


the race

the racetwo tractors found on the island of usedom.

horse and i

horse and ifound in heringsdorf, island of usedom, too.


storm companion


and stormy it was… another one from the beach of usedom.

i found sturmgesell’ a bit hard to translate. it definitely means storm companion or maybe rather companion in a storm and that’s fine but the gesell’-part has a quite oldfashioned sound to it and i don’t know how to get this across in english. any suggestions?

monday morning found tom miserable


shot on a sunday on the polish east coast of the island of usedom. this is part of the ferry from ystad to świnoujście.

i would be lying if i said i hadn’t thought of gursky here, but this is of course a completely different genre…

bright’n pier

bright pierthe seebrücke in ahlbeck on the island of usedom in the baltic sea. it was really dark and really windy. i loved it.