sunday blues

berlin, spandau 2020

shadow hunting (blue)

P6026604frankfurter allee, berlin friedrichshain, 2017

underground overground

underground overground

a berlin u-bahn on its way to b├╝lowstrasse. shot in the quite new gleisdreieckpark.

cry me a rivet

eight rivets

or eight of them…

this is u-bahn-station naturkundemuseum in berlin mitte.


undergroundcolourful underground in berlin. this was on the u7.


mirror mirror

mirror mirrordown in the u-bahn. station rohrdamm, berlin, siemensstadt.

from the underground

u8, u-bahnhof voltastrasse (2010)

u8, u-bahnhof jannowi... oh, of course you knew it already

both picture were taken with the lumix lx3. i haven’t used it much since i switched to the e-pl1 but i miss the 24mm equivalent focal length sometimes. maybe i’ll go for the panasonic 14mm pancake plus the recently announced wide conversion lens or the samyang fisheye and a nice defishing software or i could check out the (probably too slow and too big) 12-50mm m.zuiko that is supposed to be available soon… or i just get by with focal lengths starting at 14mm – most of the time i use the lumix 20mm anyway. but it’s always nice to have options ;)