tv tower

night on earth


or at least on berlin! a big thank you to Bettina and Matthias for this great photo opportunity!

berlin treptow, 2019

das runde muss ins eckige

P5075958“the round thing has to go into the square[1] thing” (german football saying)

berlin, ostkreuz, 2017

[1]i know it’s rather a rectangular thing. but i somehow did not like how the phrase turned out metrically when i used ‘rectangular’. in the picture though, i tried both versions at once :)

homesick for berlin

P4145081fernsehturm, berlin mitte, 2017

tower of power

P4022170fernsehturm, berlin, mitte, 2016



berlin style…

a classical view onto the fernsehturm through the weltzeituhr at alexanderplatz.


flatlandsthe berliner fernsehturm measures 368 m in height. the rest is flatlands…



three quarters

waning gibbousberlin fernsehturm seen from karl-marx-allee. i especially like the six steel ropes on the left…

(i had to crop that frame quite severely because the longest lens i had with me that day was the 45mm…)

squaring the circle

squaring the circleeven trickier: squaring the sphere.

again fernsehturm, berlin alexanderplatz, shot with the m.zuiko 45mm  from the panorama platform at the 40th floor of the park inn hotel at about 150 metres above sea level. and that is about 70 metres below the center of the sphere. that’s about as close as it gets, i think ;)

the entry fee to the platform is 3 euros and i guess these are well spent when in berlin.

vanishing into thick air

fernsehturm (again)

fernsehturm (again)

another one from alexanderplatz. i took this one just a few hours ago. i always find it fascinating to see the fernsehturm disappear in the mist like that.



berlin fernsehturm, wet plate.