the leaning twins and a bush

DSC04571tübingen, 2016

give way

give way

i’d do it…

i’m not really sure what i like in this picture but i definitely like it. it’s probably the reduced palette with that exposed spot of red and all these nice varieties of green. it could of course be the content. the traffic sign looks a little bit lost and pointless in all the landscape (it wasn’t of course in reality). probably it’s a combination of both. that’s how it is supposed to work, right?



found in tübingen last weekend. i guess i have a weak spot for parasols… (and somehow i really like the german word ‘sonnenschirm’ a lot)

berry in tübingen

strawberry with concrete

shot in tübingen quite a while ago on my first outing with the e-pl1.

(not exactly) rocket science

(not exactly) rocket science

a university building in tübingen. most probably physics…

fuels rush in

feuerwache, tübingen

the garage door sessions


three is a magic number (but so are the others)

skip into darkness




all photos have been taken on my very first outing with the e-pl1 in tübingen (motto: like in a picture book – but real) back then. as you can see they have a lot of nice garages there (not in the picturesque old town of course).