the gift

DSC05836tübingen, 2018

word on the street

DSC05813tübingen, 2018

twin cylinder

DSC04653tübingen, 2018


DSC04351..but i digress, tübingen, 2018

songs: ohia – tigress (click, hear)

let the air come in (and out again)

P4021178another one from the nice bus we’ve found in tübingen, 2018


DSC04587shot from a car in tübingen, 2018

something fishy


tübingen, 2018

window burner

DSC01194tübingen, 2018


DSC01246tübingen-derendingen, 2018

anika – yang yang (click, hear)

separation of concerns

P4021179blinkenlights from tübingen, 2018

social coldness

DSC04577social coldness against climate change

tübingen, 2016

cake anyone?

DSC04631tübingen, 2016

the roof

dsc04599tübingen, 2016

take care

dsc04496…of each other

tübingen, 2016

still life with red box

dsc04554-bearbeitettübingen, 2016

the well

dsc04528tübingen, 2016

“i guess everybody has their own thing that they yell into a well”

the brilliant bill callahan – the well (click, hear) – a “bill callahan” live version of the original “smog” song from the 2010 album rough travel for a rare thing

glass brick by glass brick

dsc04586-2tübingen, 2016

“you get pretty sick if you have to keep it inside”, iggy pop – brick by brick (click, hear)

wuhindrih warn

DSC04427tübingen, 2016

w. beuerle buchbinderei schreibwaren

the uncommon reader

DSC04549tübingen, august,  2016

between a rock and a hard place

DSC04488tübingen, august 2016