blue thursday

🦆🐤🐤, dessau, 2021

sunny side up

berlin mitte, 2021

teal spiel

berlin lichtenberg, 2021


berlin friedrichshain, 2021

framing effect

(basically always present in photography), berlin mitte, 2020

shadow tree

P1191894niederrhein, 2019

life is…

PB102128-2but it has some amazing views to offer. berlin kreuzberg, 2018

keep(ing) on trucking

P9080930barcelona, 2018

some travelling has to be done… .documenting.the.obvious will probably have resumed normal operations by the end of the week…

the hardest buttons to button


berlin schöneberg kreuzberg (thanks, manfred!), 2018

white stripes – hardest button to button (click,hear)


DSC03581somewhere in noord-holland, 2017


DSC03555berlin, kreuzberg, 2016

the cabin in the streets

DSC03299berlin, friedrichshain, 2016

i really like how the colours are shifting through this picture…

to the center of the city

shadowplaya tree, a truck and a spanferkelbraterei.

found in duisburg, april 2015