(closed) bridge over troubled water

wolgast, 2020

johnny cash – bridge over troubled water (click, hear)

on fire

sauzin, 2020

electrelane – i’m on fire (click, hear)

(still) closed

wolgast, 2020

is that all there is to a circus?

wolgast, 2020

pj harvey – is that all there is (click, hear)

broken pipe

heringsdorf, 2020

blank canvas

ueckermünde, 2020


usedom, 2020

too many poppies

DSC00857niederrhein, 2020

primus – too many puppies (click, hear)

father’s vegetable patch (ii)

DSC00798after he left, niederrhein, 2020

locked in

DSC07954-Bearbeitet…or out? antwerpen, belgië, 2020

day of the long grass

DSC08198-2antwerpen, belgië, 2020

the troggs – night of the long grass (click, hear)

old news


recycle or die! even the title is recycled…

antwerpen, belgië, 2020

postcards from antwerp

DSC08101-Bearbeitetantwerpen, belgië, 2020

teal on rails

DSC05978vlissingen, the netherlands, 2019

tons of red

DSC05490-Bearbeitetvlissingen, the netherlands, 2019


DSC05969-Bearbeitett’hart van’t stadje, vlissingen, the netherlands, 2019

orange juice

DSC05680-Bearbeitetvlissingen, the netherlands, 2019

orange juice – stanley brinks and the wave pictures (click, hear)

the multicoloured zebra

DSC05780-Bearbeitetvlissingen, the netherlands, 2019

the multicoloured shades – heartbeat (click, hear)

one egg in all baskets

DSC05506-Bearbeitetvlissingen, the netherlands, 2019


DSC05451-Bearbeitetvlissingen, the netherlands, 2019