(not only) the colours of berlin

berlin tiergarten, 27.02.2022

the world is your oyster

berlin tiergarten, 2021

not allowed in heaven

P1081355-Bearbeitet-2berlin s-bahnhof tiergarten, 2020

sarah mary chadwick – i’m not allowed in heaven (click, hear)


P1221437berlin charlottenburg, 2020


P3212127-Bearbeitetberlin tiergarten, 2019


P3212115berlin tiergarten, 2019

pipe dream

P3212124berlin tiergarten, 2019


DSC09549-Bearbeitetberlin tiergarten, 2019

the strange case of the missing shadow

P3270898the rule of thirds performed by two birches and one shadow, berlin tiergarten, 2018

shades and green

P8210196berlin tiergarten, 2017

locked out syndrome

DSCF6819berlin tiergarten, 2017

day of the tentacle

P3284585a plane tree in berlin tiergarten, 2017


pa211403berlin, tiergarten/schöneberg, 2016

waiting around to die

DSC03810.jpgberlin tiergarten, 2016

townes van zandt – waiting around to die (click, hear)

hans a. platz

P6232298-3u-bahnhof hansaplatz, berlin, tiergarten, 2016

autumn in a bulb

autumn in a bulb

a sunny day at the schleusenkrug in tiergarten, berlin.

nordic ambassadors

nordic ambassadors

right in front of the nordic embassies in berlin, tiergarten.



it’s a really unusual rainy summer in berlin. we do have great warm and sunny weather but we also have really impressive showers quite often. but then again – photo opportunities, yay!

this is the siegessäule (victory column) in berlin tiergarten. i’ve featured it from its top quite a while ago already here.


handbagsafter (very) little research i found out that this sculpture by berlin-based artist joachim schmettau had been away for restoration (and if you have a look at the wikipedia page linked above you can see why this was good idea) and those were the days when it was put back into its place at altonaer strasse, berlin tiergarten. it’s descriptively adequately called hand mit uhr and was made in 1975.

space age is over

at least in hansaviertel, berlin. the ex-consistory of the protestant church of berlin is going to be demolished.  the quite interesting building from the late 60s  with the aluminum skin and appropriately rounded windows will not be renovated but replaced by some nice flats in a probably nice standard housing.

the consistory was designed by georg heinrichs and hans christian müller . it seems to be the only building in the hansaviertel that was build for administrative purposes at that time. due to it’s looks it is considered as belonging to “space age architecture” and though i don’t know anything about this, i really do like the term. and i like the building. and it’s here.

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