moon child sheep


shortly after the moonrise, den burg, texel, 2017

i made some cheap sheep imitation sounds to keep the sheep’s attention for the 2 seconds of exposure. maybe i should have tried the following classic moon song in the first place: fields of the nephilim – moonchild (click, hear)


DSC03994de koog, the netherlands, 2017

the other eleven

DSC03697den burg, texel, 2017

de kerk

DSC03787den burg, the netherlands, 2017

heap space

DSC04247oudeschild, texel, 2017

don’t pay the ferry, man!

DSC03624don’t even fix. the price!

leaving den helder, the netherlands, 2017


don’t you dare

don't you dareto hula here…

interestingly shot on the dutch island of texel that is not very well known for its underground hula hoop scene – but then again, maybe too underground for me.

yellow cable

yellow cableshot in the harbour of oudeschild on the dutch island of texel last summer.

rusty ostracism

rusty ostracismon the inside of a ship in the harbour of oudeschild.

honk if you like red in photos

P8062821_nbi’d certainly honk…┬áseen in the harbour of oudeschild on the dutch island of texel this summer.


another texel barn. taken on the dutch island of texel this summer. shot at 150mm with the m.zuiko 40-150mm.

plastic harvest

plastic harvest

shot on the island of texel in august. i really dig the artificiality (but maybe this is only my lame excuse for being too late to get the actual bales of straw ;))

this cloud was thrown

this cloud was thrown

if you are familiar with the graphical language of verbo-visual narratives (i.e. comics) you will have seen it already. otherwise you shouldn’t bother with the thrown ;)

taken on the dutch island of texel with the m.zuiko 40-150mm zoom.

texel barns

there are quite a few of these special barns (schapenboeten) to be found on the dutch island of texel, where i happen to have spent the last week.

all of these barns are build with the more aerodynamic side facing the southwest because that’s where the wind blows from usually. of course there are also more regular shaped barns if you are not that – uhm – inclined.

i guess there will be some follow-ups to this post… i’ve still got some nice barns left ;)