tamron 28-75 f2.8

window and curve

DSC07170a little homage to robert häusser*, poznań, poland, 2018

*if you’re interested in excellent photography, 80s video footage, philip glass(?) and swabian german: der fotograf robert häusser (click, watch)


DSC05850berlin, wedding, 2018

peter parker was here

DSC06593cologne, 2018

my favourite superhero… maybe not only because we share the same initials :)

an eye for a tie

DSC06581cologne, 2018

panthera onca

DSC05852berlin wedding, 2018



DSC05807-Bearbeitettübingen, 2018

kehrwoche? see what wikipedia has to say about it…

the gift

DSC05836tübingen, 2018