smalltown boy

from the series with the same name, niederrhein, 2021


niederrhein, 2020

what is it good for

PC230745absolutely nothing… say it again, niederrhein, 2019

cast a shadow

DSC09951niederrhein, 2019

jens friebe – cast a shadow (click, hear)

easy cut

PC240908-2niederrhein, 2019

new here

DSC09943niederrhein, 2019

gil scott-heron – i’m new here (click, hear)


PC230742niederrhein, 2019

windows are the eyes to your house

pc283173 niederrhein, december 2016



from friedrichshain, berlin

the rear wheel of a schwalbe motorcycle. schwalbe is swallow (the bird) in english, hence the title. the schwalbe motorcycle manufactured by simson in suhl from 1964 to 1986 was (and in fact still is) very popular in eastern germany and rightly so.

they’re hedged

they're hedged

another hedge from the town i grew up in…

don’t look now

don't look now

strange, since i know we’ll go to venice in spring i always see this guy with the red coat… it turned out that it was only my mother – this time.

the nicolas roeg film”don’t look now” is known by the more-horror title “wenn die gondeln trauer tragen” (“when the gondolas are in mourning”) in germany.

classic puddle treatment

classic puddle treatment

a house in a puddle in london ealing.

it cracks me up

it cracks me upanother one from my first outing with the gm1.

throwing in the towel (pink)

throwing in the towelshot on sobieszewo again.


buddiesi loved how the sun made the tree shine. and the ashtray did a nice job as contrast.

coffee barn

coffee barn

check out these reds and whites… and the grass sports the same the colour as the barn… i, at least, was stunned :)

blazing yellow

windowless garage with yellow tree… nice, isn’t it?

neighbourhood watch

not even suburbia…  shot in the lower rhine area and in roermond, the netherlands.