the yellow square

DSC00125revisited in berlin lichtenberg, 2020

(another) yellow square

P6060645leipziger straße, berlin mitte, 2018

code orange

P3300947berlin moabit, 2018

the blinds leading the lines

DSC02134-3berlin friedrichshain, 2018


P4140033venlo, the netherlands, 2018

yellow square

DSC00666als ob nix wär’, berlin lichtenberg, 2018

das runde muss ins eckige

P5075958“the round thing has to go into the square[1] thing” (german football saying)

berlin, ostkreuz, 2017

[1]i know it’s rather a rectangular thing. but i somehow did not like how the phrase turned out metrically when i used ‘rectangular’. in the picture though, i tried both versions at once :)

rain en bloc

rain en bloc

found in berlin adlershof

square lights

square lightsshot at the harbour in münster/westf. with the lumix 20mm and a little bit of time… (2 seconds exposure at f2.8)