sigma 56mm f1.4


P3212127-Bearbeitetberlin tiergarten, 2019


P3212115berlin tiergarten, 2019

pipe dream

P3212124berlin tiergarten, 2019

cabbage patch (frozen)

P2142075filderstadt, 2019

treasure island map

P2032040niederrhein, 2019

bipartite tripartite

P2032037-Bearbeitet-2prononciation française préférée, niederrhein, 2019

shadow tree

P1191894niederrhein, 2019


P2032059-Bearbeitet-2niederrhein, 2019


P2032058i’ve found some street art! niederrhein, 2019

home is where the heart is

p1202005so it must be here sometimes…, niederrhein, 2019

fill me up

p1191930niederrhein, 2019

the foundations – fill me up, buttercup (click, hear)

still cracks in everything

p1201973-3niederrhein, 2019

broken window

p1201984theory or fallacy? you choose! niederrhein, 2019

let’s play

p1201968(with light and shadow), niederrhein, 2019

a home

p1201994niederrhein, 2019

i always try to have a water tower around…