shop window

old news


recycle or die! even the title is recycled…

antwerpen, belgië, 2020



gone awry… poznań, 2018

*to one of my favourite photographs ever: stephen shore’s light bulbs

i woke up in metropolis

DSC07492berlin friedrichshain – a wasting disease ;-) (2018)

anne clark – sleeper in metropolis (click, hear)

warm snow

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAit does look kind of cosy, don’t you think?

(this picture is an honorary member of my window series btw. and was shot in berlin-mitte this afternoon)

stopfen aschen

stopfen aschen

seen in a dry-cleaner’s window in kreuzberg. of course it’s actually “stopfen und waschen” (darning and washing) but the the w did not make it into the frame ;)

i liked the two dresses forming a light weight dancing couple.