springtime for berlin

P3300950the shoes are in bloom, berlin friedrichshain, 2018

street abstract III

street abstract III

from friedrichshain, berlin.

saddle, shoes

shoes and saddle

… and the nozzle of a watering can (yes, and bricks and a baby plane and a sock).

seen in wedding again. there’s apparently always something photogenic when i visit this backyard.

online shoes

online shoes

it is quite common to find shoes online in berlin. i really don’t know how (ok, i can imagine) and why they end up in the air but obviously some people do. if you happen to know these people i’d be happy to be enlightened. e.g. i always wonder whether the former owner of the shoes had to walk away on his/her bare feet or whether these are spare pairs of shoes.

this picture was processed with a little help of dxo labs’ polaroid 669 emulation.