dark harbour iv

P4071219berlin spandau, 2018

dark harbour iii

P4071205berlin spandau, 2018

dark harbour ii

P4071222berlin spandau, 2018

dark harbour

P4071208berlin spandau, 2018

the wheel

DSC04188oudeschild, texel, 2017

bill callahan – the wheel (click, hear)

don’t pay the ferry, man!

DSC03624don’t even fix. the price!

leaving den helder, the netherlands, 2017



DSC07875-2berlin treptower park, 2017


dsc08332berlin friedrichshain, 2017

boatman’s call

dsc07180berlin treptow, 2016

open door policy

DSC07303-Bearbeiteta ship in the harbour of st. malo, france, 2015

someday my ship will come

someday my ship will come

and maybe it’s from urk like this one is.


guardi (look!)

back from venice. more to come…

(and if i’m not mistaken ‘guardi’ is the more formal imperative of guardare and means ‘look!’)

monday morning found tom miserable


shot on a sunday on the polish east coast of the island of usedom. this is part of the ferry from ystad to świnoujście.

i would be lying if i said i hadn’t thought of gursky here, but this is of course a completely different genre…



urk, the netherlands, 2014

this is the other side of the ship that got painted by the summer painter.

strangely enough i had to think of morbid angel’s god of emptiness (click,hear) when choosing the title…  homographs, can’t live with them can’t live without them… :)

bonus fun fact: in german the bow of a ship is called bug

alien ship

alien shipprobably isocahedronic? it appears like a cargo vessel. no life forms detected.

rusty ostracism

rusty ostracismon the inside of a ship in the harbour of oudeschild.

honk if you like red in photos

P8062821_nbi’d certainly honk… seen in the harbour of oudeschild on the dutch island of texel this summer.