P7060314-Bearbeitetrtanj, serbia, 2019

it’s the wurst

dsc08504knackig, saftig, lecker, unsortiert! niederrhein, 2018

moon child sheep


shortly after the moonrise, den burg, texel, 2017

i made some cheap sheep imitation sounds to keep the sheep’s attention for the 2 seconds of exposure. maybe i should have tried the following classic moon song in the first place: fields of the nephilim – moonchild (click, hear)


DSC02522prignitz, brandenburg, 2017

martha and the muffins – echo beach (click, hear)


DSC02519prignitz, brandenburg, 2017


DSC01605-Bearbeitetla barena, laguna di venezia, 2015

living on the hedge

living on the hedge

it seems quite idyllic where i grew up… i never noticed.

as far as i can see

as far as i can seei took this shortly after i had met the geese…

nothing too goose

nothing too goosenow for something completely different…

while visiting family last october i took a road i had never taken before and found this. i really did not know that we had something like this in the neighbourhood.

where the not so wild roses grow

where the not so wild roses grow

man at work on a rose farm at the border between germany and the netherlands. i liked the layers in this scenery a lot and luckily i had the 40-150mm at hand so i could utilise the optical compression that the lens delivers at the long end.

landscape with a few trees

landscape with a few treeslandscapes are not usually my favourite subjects but this view got my attention… shot with the lumix 20mm in december. i think it would do no harm to click the picture to see it a little bigger.