rostock (of course), 2020 (edit: if you don’t see a picture in the wordpress reader… it’s not me, it’s them :-) )

(edit2: without further action on my side on this post the picture is now visible in the reader, too… ­čĄö)

the regular berlin programme is starting again soon…

post modern

rostock, 2020

on fire

rostock, 2020

malportado kids – i’m on fire (click, hear)


st. petri, rostock, 2020


looks all greek to me… rostock, warnem├╝nde, 2020

organ donor

st. marien, rostock, 2020

dj shadow – organ donor (click, hear)

the twins

rostock, 2020

life imitating architecture

rostock warnem├╝nde, 2020

the merchant of warnem├╝nde

rostock warnem├╝nde, 2020


rostock, 2020


rostock, 2020

meshed up

rostock, 2020