against amnesia (2018)

as usual a little retrospective will conclude the year here on .documenting.the.obvious. thanks a lot to all visitors new and especially all the regular ones! without you it would be only half (at most) the fun :-)

have a good 2019!

because of the huge success (*cough*) of my “best of the year spotify playlist” last year, i’ll continue with this new tradition as if nothing happened. i know spotify might not be the ideal medium for this but i think at the moment it’s the best one available. but i’m open for suggestions of course!


this blog will have resumed normal operations most probably by the end of next week.


all’s well that ends well

some (*cough*) of my favourite shots this year. thanks for watching and for all your likes and friendly comments! i’d like the idea that you’ve enjoyed visiting my blog at least half as much as i have making it.

have yourself a good 2015!



last round

for 2013 that is.

i wish you all a good 2014, lots of cool new photographic and other opportunities and i am looking forward to seeing you and your great pictures on the other side!

this is a gallery of some of the shots that have been featured over the course of the last twelve months on this blog.  i’m sorry but i did not  have the time to make this post shorter ;)