the rear-view mirror

berlin and elsewhere, 2022

strange years still doing strong. let’s see what 2023 will bring. i’m carefully optimistic, though! i hope the new year found you all well and it will only get better!

thanks again for staying tuned for another year. as always – it would be only half (at most) the fun without you!

all the best for your 2023 🚀

don’t look back in anger (this time for real!)

i used the title of this post already in 2015… but this time it’s for real! 2020 – i don’t give a penny…

not everything was bad of course, far from it… i just kind of don’t feel like writing about it here. let’s simply hope for the best next year.

thanks a lot to my friendly followers, the likable likers and the regular regulars! it still is only fun because you are here! i hope to see you all safe, healthy and in good spirit again on the other side.

have a good one!

cheers, peter

…and instead of a playlist – here is my honourable mention for song of the year: “the burning hell – i want to drink in a bar” (don’t miss out on this!):

regression to the mean (2019)

the remains of the year, the remains of a decade. 2019 was a strange year. on to the double twenties!

happy new year to all my friendly followers, viewing visitors and courteous commenters!

i’m glad that some people out there still visit this little blog and make the (admittedly not so huge) efforts appear worthwhile to me after all these years.

i’ve noticed on this blog’s statistics page that the amount of words in my posts is on a steady decline. i’m not writing as much as i did in earlier years here on this blog. i think that’s mainly an issue of time and of course because i’m trying to tell my stories with pictures. but nevertheless i found that somewhat disconcerting.

maybe i will start writing more about my photography, my pictures, my tools in 2020. maybe not. we’ll see. it’s a process that i’m not really enforcing but i could imagine that at least some information about tools (read: lenses and cameras and postprocessing stuff) could be of interest to at least some of you. if nothing else i know i am always interested in that kind of stuff ;-)


against amnesia (2018)

as usual a little retrospective will conclude the year here on .documenting.the.obvious. thanks a lot to all visitors new and especially all the regular ones! without you it would be only half (at most) the fun :-)

have a good 2019!

because of the huge success (*cough*) of my “best of the year spotify playlist” last year, i’ll continue with this new tradition as if nothing happened. i know spotify might not be the ideal medium for this but i think at the moment it’s the best one available. but i’m open for suggestions of course!


this blog will have resumed normal operations most probably by the end of next week.


all’s well that ends well

some (*cough*) of my favourite shots this year. thanks for watching and for all your likes and friendly comments! i’d like the idea that you’ve enjoyed visiting my blog at least half as much as i have making it.

have yourself a good 2015!



last round

for 2013 that is.

i wish you all a good 2014, lots of cool new photographic and other opportunities and i am looking forward to seeing you and your great pictures on the other side!

this is a gallery of some of the shots that have been featured over the course of the last twelve months on this blog.  i’m sorry but i did not  have the time to make this post shorter ;)