poznań, 2018


DSC06784poznań, poland, 2018

dave brubeck – take five (click, hear)

c.s.i. poznań

poznań, poland, 2018



gone awry… poznań, 2018

*to one of my favourite photographs ever: stephen shore’s light bulbs

against amnesia (2018)

as usual a little retrospective will conclude the year here on .documenting.the.obvious. thanks a lot to all visitors new and especially all the regular ones! without you it would be only half (at most) the fun :-)

have a good 2019!

because of the huge success (*cough*) of my “best of the year spotify playlist” last year, i’ll continue with this new tradition as if nothing happened. i know spotify might not be the ideal medium for this but i think at the moment it’s the best one available. but i’m open for suggestions of course!


this blog will have resumed normal operations most probably by the end of next week.



poznań, poland, 2018

teenage spaceship

poznań , poland, 2018

smog – teenage spaceship (click, hear)

niche art

DSC06917poznań, poland, 2018

day of the dead

DSC06909-2poznań, poland, 2018

saludos a mexico :)


poznań, poland, 2018

peter and paul

DSC07081poznań, poland, 2018

for lack of a better cone

DSC06938poznań, poland, 2018

it’s out there

DSC07085another wall from poznań, poland, 2018

something fishy

poznań, poland, 2018

still greener on the other side

DSC07173poznań, poland, 2018

sun on gaz

DSC06925poznań, poland, 2018

under my skin

DSC06810poznań, poland, 2018


DSC07123-2poznań, poland, 2018

know thyself

DSC07107poznań, poland, 2018


dsc06801-bearbeitetpoznań, poland, 2018