snow face

berlin friedrichshain, 2021

be yourself take a picture

be yourself

tomorrow i’m going to vienna again, where coincidentally this picture has been taken last year.

i’m going to spend a long photography weekend together with j.h., my dear friend and the initiator of our collaborative picture book effort over at

we are both going to take quite some stuff with us… lucky me, that i’m an m43 guy. my m43 circus will probably attend completely, the polaroid ee100 will have a little workout and probably the olympus rc35 will fit in there somewhere. i’ll leave the pentacon six in berlin, nevertheless i’m afraid i might need some physiotherapy next week ;)

i hope we can skip the snowy bits of viennese weather this year. i’m not sure whether i really prefer the forecast rain, though.

see you on the other side of the weekend!

automatic for the people

this is the first post in this blog that has not been published by me but by the automated scheduling system of wordpress (ok, i scheduled it…).  so i (still) found it appropriate to include some pictures of other automat(a|s) here, namely photo booths.
thanks to some supposedly friendly folks in prenzlauer berg there are classic photo booths scattered all over the town…

collect them all!

lonely automat

dirty linen

autophoto in photoautomat

5 minutes

4 minutes

for the french ;)

classic 3d

some links:
wikipedia on photo booths

and *updated*: