panasonic lumix 14mm

coming of age

coming of age (lumix 14mm, f2.5)

skating away on the thin ice of the new day…

we had quite low temperatures in berlin recently. for more than three weeks we had around -12°C. river spree was just full of ice cakes but in rummelsburger bucht,  a dead arm of the spree, it was safe to step on the ice. the area is about 350 meters wide and 1.5 km long so one can take a nice walk where one normally does not. including a walk around ships  or straight to an island…


my pet iceberg


flying orange filet

the small island kratzbruch

sleeping bubbles

heimat (2)

traces again

some of the pictures have been taken with the tiny panasonic 14mm pancake lens which i got for a really good price from ebay (uk) recently. i am quite happy with this little lens. it’s not really comparable with the 20mm in terms of in-your-face-sharpness and obviously not as handy when it comes to lowish light but the wide angle makes up for this in some situations and the autofocus on my e-pl1 is indeed a bit faster than the 20mm but not as much as i had hoped from other reviews.