panasonic 25mm

ash wednesday

ashes to ashes

a pair of aschentonnen found in a backyard in lichtenberg, berlin. they have become a quite¬†uncommon sight here in berlin.¬†most waste containers today are made from plastic and are not round anymore. and the carnival is over, too…

don’t push the button

except of course you do need the light…

seen in berlin wedding again.

on a technical note: this shot was done with the panaleica 25mm lens which i received yesterday. of course this is not a subject where you need such a lens. but after a little bit of shooting of a variety of subjects i’m not yet convinced that i will keep it. i have to do further testing and especially a bit of comparison work with my trusty lumix 20mm. maybe the e-pl1 is not a very good fit for that lens. what i can tell already is the obviously brillant build quality. and it does look gorgeous with its nice rectangular lens hood.

if you are interested in a very well-written report on this issue, head over to tyson’s post about the panaleica.