om zuiko 85mm f2

this corrosion

this corrosion

is so corrosive.

a piece found in berlin lichtenberg.

a bike (as seen from plato’s cave)

a bike (as seen from plato's cave)

only the shadow of a bike at ostkreuz, berlin friedrichshain.

wild wild west

wild wild west

two people and a dog, duisburg, landschaftspark nord, april 2015

right through


an opel kadett c in berlin friedrichshain.

escalator with hat

escalator with hat

from ostkreuz, berlin friedrichshain.

save as…

save as...

a floppy from duisburg.

i like the style of this graffito a lot – accurate yet still very powerful strokes.

strawberry fields

strawberry fields

fruity greetings from ostkreuz, friedrichshain, berlin.

yellow (working title)

yellow (working title)until further notice this picture will be called ‘yellow’, too.

from oberhausen, april 2015.


pigeonholedin duisburg

the pigeon-hole principle does have a wikipedia article in case you’re interested. this picture though might bear a stronger relation to the application of this principle’s idea in social contexts. so more closer to the definition of pigeonhole2 in the merriam webster.



here comes the speech again…: i’m not really that much into cars but bla bla bla…

be that as it may, i found this beautiful porsche 911t in duisburg and couldn’t just idle along without taking a picture.

on the fractal nature of trees

on the fractal nature of treesor my misinterpretation of it.



this is the first one of probably a few to come from my last week’s trip to the ruhrgebiet. i managed to visit  duisburg, essen, mülheim and oberhausen. this picture is from oberhausen. after failing to parallelize the lines i took drastic measures.