om zuiko 50mm

half bike (red)

half bikeseen in friedrichshain, berlin. shot with the olympus om-2 and probably the om zuiko 50mm on paradies 200 film about a year ago. i only had the film developed this week ;)

the case with the basket

the case with the basketseen right before the polizeiwache in friedrichstrasse, kreuzberg. the corporate colour of the police in germany has been green for quite a long time and is now being gradually changed to dark blue (which makes them look a bit like train conductors and firemen who traditionally wear blue, too). this car sports the “original” colour and the bicycle might or might not be somehow associated with the police (probably not).

shot with the wonderful om zuiko 50mm at most probably f2.8.

a streetcar named entangle

where holtei- and boxhagenerstrasse meet, the streetcar cables form this  diamond shaped entanglement. i suppose one can see this at every other crossroads but here i found the background quite ok. this was shot with the om zuiko 50mm again at f2.8. i had to remove severe purple fringing on the cables (but that is really easy). the vignette is of course artificial as the 50mm does not vignette even a bit.

locked-out syndrome

most probably art, seen on a yard gate in wühlischstrasse, friedrichshain berlin.  taken with the om zuiko 50mm@2.8 and some pp