om zuiko 100mm


DSC07875-2berlin treptower park, 2017


dsc06294st. jean de luz, september 2016

(and a shout-out to my friend Sebastian over at mehrlicht)


dsc05483-bearbeitetanglet, france, 2016

(that’s the thing in this video here…)


dsc06135biarritz, france, 2016

water tower

water tower

the water tower (admittedly behind a tree) from the town where i grew up. i really like that we do have the water tower here at ostkreuz in friedrichshain, too.

when the music’s over

when the music's over

a faint echo of carnival from venlo, the netherlands.

just in case you’re interested – this shot was made with the ‘full frame’ sony a7 camera and my trusty olympus om zuiko 100mm lens. i really like this combination a lot. unfortunately i had to return the a7 much too early for my taste…

hands (usa)

handsfound on the ground in berlin friedrichshain. shot with the om zuiko 100mm.


insectoida vespa in friedrichshain. shot with my om-2n and the om zuiko 100mm this spring.

cubistic chamisso

chamissoi had pictured him differently…

shot with my olympus om-2 and the om zuiko 100mm lens on paradies 200 film on one of the first springy days of this year (before winter returned with his puffy snowy fist).

disclaimer: of course chamisso’s bust is in hibernation here. if you are interested in a look under the covers check wikipedia. he sports a quite cool heavy metal haircut.

opel analog (yellow)

opel analog opel analog

opel analog

i’m usually not very much into cars but i could not resist this very nice yellow opel gt 1900.  accidentally two other yellow cars appeared and could be purposely included then.

shot with the olympus om-2 and the om-zuiko 100mm@f4 on paradies 200 film in berlin mitte last weekend (on the same roll of film as the half bike (red))


after show

after showshot with the om zuiko 100mm on the area of the raw tempel in berlin friedrichshain. raw interestingly stands for reichsbahnausbesserungswerk and tempel stands for – well – temple.)

paint it black

working in the dark

painter in the dark

a little unusual entry for the window series: painting the walls in the small hours of the night (not really, but i’m really fond of that expression ;)).

shot with the om zuiko 100mm and processed with a little bit of silver efex.



something new will be build here soon and no one will see this window again…

taken in friedrichshain with the om zuiko 100mm at most probably f8.

ping pong

ping pong

since i couldn’t help noticing that the olympic games have commenced, here a mildly sports-related, mildly funny post again. shot in my kiez with the om zuiko 100mm at f4 or even f2.8. i applied a little polachrome with dxo.

bialy styl

bialy styl

taken with the legacy om zuiko 100mm at f4. i like the rendering of this lens very much but the focal length (which of course gets doubled on m43) is still quite difficult for me. it often feels like you have a long stick poking out of the camera and you have to be very careful when moving around… and this is not to say that the lens itself is too big. in fact it is quite small but it’s a bit on the hefty side.

btw: bialy styl or Biały Styl actually seems to be a hiphop band from poland.

three goals for today

three goals

seen on a playing field near rummelsburger bucht, berlin. shot with the e-pl1 and the om zuiko 100mm lens at probably f8. some quick processing done with the cross and the 60s filter in picasa…

there’s a light that (apparently) never goes out

the light that (apparently) never goes out

and another one from that nice clouds series…

nice cloud (handrail and heaven)

lisboa triste

on a (very) recent trip to lisbon i took some cliché and some (hopefully) not so cliché pictures. these were done with a variety of lenses, especially the lumix 20mm, the om zuiko 50mm f1.8 and the om zuiko 100 mm f2.8. of course i used the standard kit lens for the wider views. someday the lumix 14mm pancake or probably even the 12mm m.zuiko will make it into my bag, i still miss the wide angle of the lx3 sometimes ;)

this will be an unusually long (like in “containing many pictures”) post, since i was unable to really cut it down to the best pictures and that is (of course) far from stating that these are all great pictures. i like them all, though and i hope you will do so, too.

once dirty linen

signs of the times


burst into pears




triste demais

fishermen and friends

check your head

won’t get it

handle in the wind

o ascensor da bica (1892, 9 seats)

s. maria

up the pipe

moss monastery

bokehlicious, om zuiko 100mm@2.8 (with nd3 filter)

finally: azulejos (in casa do alentejo)

if you made it down here you might also be interested in a reprint of a photobook from the 50s: “Lisboa, Cidade Triste e Alegre (1959)” , (probably still) available here.

the slight vintagy effect of the pictures was achieved in post with photoscape.

the wind that shakes the barley…

was definitely missing last weekend in trier. it was really hot and some wind would have been a real relief.

regarding this post’s title: i am not really sure that this is in fact barley. it could just as well be rye… but i once really liked the song’s version done by dead can dance. and i still haven’t read salinger
(picture done with the kit zoom at 14mm)

i’ve received an ebay delivery last week containing an om zuiko 100mm f2.8 lens. finally! i got beaten in at least six attempts to get one. so i’ll post another picture here that was done in the trier area, too. the mosel river at f4 (if i remember correctly). i really like the bokeh, the sharpness and the form factor of the lens and i’m looking forward to further testing.