olympus 35rc

analogue vienna

since my weekend trip to vienna two weeks ago was quite photographically inclined, i had taken my olympus 35rc with me. i was quite confident that i had sealed the light leak that in the camera but obviously i’m not even close (i’m showing the pictures nevertheless). if anybody has good advice how to find and fix the leak i’d be very interested to hear about that.

along with the olympus came my polaroid ee100 that i rarely use actually. but as we had booked the Urban Vienna Polaroid Tour with the friendly guys from PolaWalk it was a good opportunity to use the ee100 again. if you happen to be in vienna, have some spare time and are interested in polaroid photography i can heartily recommend taking a tour with Gilbert (and probably Thomas, too ;)). Gilbert is the guy with the red anorak btw.

the ee100 does have its own share of flaws and because i’m not really using it often enough i don’t know how to work around them. i took seven pictures,  two of them came out just black, one is an okayish portrait and the other ones are shown here. i definitely have to practise ;)

i like the ee100 a lot but  i have a bit of shutter triggering anxiety when it comes to analogue photography that i might have to overcome. i see pictures everywhere when i’m using the digital camera but when it comes to analogue i kind of procrastinate…

rites of spring

rites of spring

winter seems to be over here in berlin…

seen and captured in friedrichshain, berlin on a sunny day (already in january) with the olympus 35rc.

time machine

time machineeverything is from the past when photographed with an analog camera on 400 iso film.

interior of sheriff teddy bar in friedrichshain, berlin. i had to crop the picture because of a severe light leak of the camera that did not fit into the picture. hence the square format.


alexanderplatzmade in january 2014 with the olympus 35rc on rossmann iso400 film. if you happen to like this post head right over to alex strehl’s blog 35mm shots and check it out.

lonely mountie

lonely mountieshot last week with my father’s olympus 35rc in friedrichshain (again). i took the 35rc to berlin last christmas. it’s a beautiful little rangefinder camera with a great zuiko lens and fun to use, but i still have to find the source of that light leak ;)