two times a day

P2230819this clock is correct…

neukölln, berlin, 2016

red alert

P2230816-Bearbeitetneukölln, berlin, 2016

no cake today

P2230823-Bearbeiteta closed down cake mail-order business in berlin, neukölln, 2016

quadrant yellow

quadrant yellow

from neukölln, berlin.

shot a while ago with the great (and big) panasonic 35-100mm f2.8

the power of abstraction

the power of abstractionto be read from right to left.

don’t push me (the massage)

don't push me

a shop window in the aptly named sonnenallee in berlin neukölln.

call for demonstration


that’s what yürüyüş is about (at least as far as google translate takes me…) shot in neukölln because of the colours of course.

inverse shadow

inverse shadowi honestly have no idea what caused this pattern on a house front in rixdorf, berlin. and it gives my head a whirl because i can’t really focus on the contour. it feels a bit like crossing the eyes. but i really like the picture nevertheless.

but let there never be curtain drawn between you and me

window treeluckily, there was no curtain… shot in neukölln, berlin.

thirty ghosts

endlich30another shot from my second roll in medium format. made with my seagull tlr in berlin neukölln.

music was my first love

did i mention already that berlin is full of window opportunities? this is another one seized. the berlinophiles will already know that this must be from neukölln. so long & sorry for the ohrwurm

ward round

the abandoned women’s clinic in berlin, neukölln.

the lodge

no smoking


the hallway


strange idea


wings (2)

click click



the scream


the dragon

time stands still



greetings from 52.463808,13.423575

it’s unbelievable that only seven years ago this hospital was running normally…

although having been there on a sunny day it was a bit eerie: one could hear children laughing from afar and the wind played tricks on us, too… we hadn’t enough time to visit all the buildings, so there is still a lot left to see.