nicht vergessen, mädels!

berlin, moabit, 2016

some walls have some eyes

P2210811some trees and some reflections on some walls somewhere in berlin moabit, 2018

worn and torn

P1311301berlin moabit, 2018

got pipes?

P9290035berlin moabit, 2017

up again

_a311083-bearbeitetberlin, moabit, 2016


PA050714-Bearbeitetberlin moabit, 2017

brick horizon

P9120013berlin moabit, 2017


P6216908-2containers from above – moabit, berlin, 2017

short break

P6266525berlin moabit, 2017

i’ll be back!


P6076646moabit, berlin, 2017

golden light / under cover

P5095975low sun in berlin moabit, 2017

reflections of typography

P5095977berlin moabit, 2017

hard shadows

DSC08352berlin moabit, 2017

the lower third of three

P6242334berlin moabit, 2016

came for the location, stayed for the curtains

dsc08462berlin moabit, 2017

lamp post in a hedge

dsc08060two of my other favourite subjects in one picture

berlin moabit, 2017

(somehow the picture and the text seem to have disappeared during the day… i don’t know how this is possible at all but i just put it in again… )

the race is on again

dsc08063berlin moabit, 2017

yo la tengo – the race is on again (click,hear)

odd shadow out

p3041280moabit, berlin, 2016

fake seahorse

_a311073berlin, moabit, 2016

remember remember, the 26th of november: vernissage at freiluftgalerie berlin

and maybe listen to devendra banhart – seahorse (click, hear) before

two horses

pa141215a citroën 2cv in berlin moabit, october 2016