the lower third of three

P6242334berlin moabit, 2016

came for the location, stayed for the curtains

dsc08462berlin moabit, 2017

lamp post in a hedge

dsc08060two of my other favourite subjects in one picture

berlin moabit, 2017

(somehow the picture and the text seem to have disappeared during the day… i don’t know how this is possible at all but i just put it in again… )

the race is on again

dsc08063berlin moabit, 2017

yo la tengo – the race is on again (click,hear)

odd shadow out

p3041280moabit, berlin, 2016

fake seahorse

_a311073berlin, moabit, 2016

remember remember, the 26th of november: vernissage at freiluftgalerie berlin

and maybe listen to devendra banhart – seahorse (click, hear) before

two horses

pa141215a citroën 2cv in berlin moabit, october 2016

urban chameleon

pa131204-2berlin, moabit, october 2016

rainy days

013_14it’s that time of the year again…

berlin, moabit, 2016

bear with me for a moment

P9022075-Bearbeitetat least while i’m on vacances. see you on the other side! 

bearlin, moabit, 2016

…and please don’t take this kind of editing too serious – I don’t either ;)

in case your interested anyway it’s one of the Wet Plates from (the now free and Google) Analog Efex 

yellow rising (II)

P8171870-Bearbeitet-2berlin moabit, 2016

home sweet home

P8112524-Bearbeitetberlin, moabit, 2016


P8032077moabit, berlin, 2016

after the fire

P1290021-Bearbeitetberlin, moabit, 2016

nobody was hurt


all these lines

P7222006berlin,  moabit, 2016

no more ball games

P6212251-Bearbeitetau revoir…

moabit, berlin, 2016

tongue in green

P6292646moabit, berlin, 2016

in bloom

P4292094berlin, moabit, 2016

nirvana – in bloom, 1991 (click, hear) (just a tiny reminder: 1991 is a quarter century ago)

the bee’s knee

P4273256moabit, berlin, 2016

berlin sakura

P3312028-Bearbeitet-2moabit, berlin, 2016