m.zuiko 14-42mm

berry in tübingen

strawberry with concrete

shot in tübingen quite a while ago on my first outing with the e-pl1.

the shadow of the egg

the shadow of the egg

avinguda de la catedral,  barcelona (weather was fine back then…)

(not exactly) rocket science

(not exactly) rocket science

a university building in tübingen. most probably physics…

fuels rush in

feuerwache, tübingen

the garage door sessions


three is a magic number (but so are the others)

skip into darkness




all photos have been taken on my very first outing with the e-pl1 in tübingen (motto: like in a picture book – but real) back then. as you can see they have a lot of nice garages there (not in the picturesque old town of course).

space age is over

at least in hansaviertel, berlin. the ex-consistory of the protestant church of berlin is going to be demolished.  the quite interesting building from the late 60s  with the aluminum skin and appropriately rounded windows will not be renovated but replaced by some nice flats in a probably nice standard housing.

the consistory was designed by georg heinrichs and hans christian müller . it seems to be the only building in the hansaviertel that was build for administrative purposes at that time. due to it’s looks it is considered as belonging to “space age architecture” and though i don’t know anything about this, i really do like the term. and i like the building. and it’s here.

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the wind that shakes the barley…

was definitely missing last weekend in trier. it was really hot and some wind would have been a real relief.

regarding this post’s title: i am not really sure that this is in fact barley. it could just as well be rye… but i once really liked the song’s version done by dead can dance. and i still haven’t read salinger
(picture done with the kit zoom at 14mm)

i’ve received an ebay delivery last week containing an om zuiko 100mm f2.8 lens. finally! i got beaten in at least six attempts to get one. so i’ll post another picture here that was done in the trier area, too. the mosel river at f4 (if i remember correctly). i really like the bokeh, the sharpness and the form factor of the lens and i’m looking forward to further testing.