mas não hoje!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbut not today! parabéns portugal!

lisboa, 2011


fansshot in lisboa.

lighting strikes

Basílica da Estrela

Basílica da Estrela

this lighting struck me when entering the basílica da estrela in lisbon. i don’t do a lot of church interiors normally but when travelling i’m always trying to have a at least a glimpse. i’ve revisited the shots i took in lisbon last year and maybe there will be some follow-ups on this post. this post itself is a follow-up on this one: lisboa triste.

furthermore this motif appeared seasonally not completely inappropriate to me ;)

see you on the other side of the holidays!

lisboa triste

on a (very) recent trip to lisbon i took some cliché and some (hopefully) not so cliché pictures. these were done with a variety of lenses, especially the lumix 20mm, the om zuiko 50mm f1.8 and the om zuiko 100 mm f2.8. of course i used the standard kit lens for the wider views. someday the lumix 14mm pancake or probably even the 12mm m.zuiko will make it into my bag, i still miss the wide angle of the lx3 sometimes ;)

this will be an unusually long (like in “containing many pictures”) post, since i was unable to really cut it down to the best pictures and that is (of course) far from stating that these are all great pictures. i like them all, though and i hope you will do so, too.

once dirty linen

signs of the times


burst into pears




triste demais

fishermen and friends

check your head

won’t get it

handle in the wind

o ascensor da bica (1892, 9 seats)

s. maria

up the pipe

moss monastery

bokehlicious, om zuiko 100mm@2.8 (with nd3 filter)

finally: azulejos (in casa do alentejo)

if you made it down here you might also be interested in a reprint of a photobook from the 50s: “Lisboa, Cidade Triste e Alegre (1959)” , (probably still) available here.

the slight vintagy effect of the pictures was achieved in post with photoscape.