the awful german language


try to pronounce this!

just kidding – it’s of course an abbreviation. but i’m not sure whether that makes things any better – it stands for Warmwasserheizung über Kühlwasserumlauf oder Ölbefeuerung, selbstregelnd.

from the magnificent leipzig central station, june 2015


there once was this shop down in leipzig, where – it appears – there’s nothing to rhyme with, so i just stop it here…

but still there is this shop in leipzig where they do sell stuff from the good ol’ days in the german democratic republic but where they don’t like photographs to be taken. what a pity  because it’s quite a picturesque little shop. i got away with these two pictures though and i post them here anyway because i do not disclose the shop’s name or address. so these spoons could have been found anywhere (and maybe they were).

human stains

human stains

the carpeting in a lovely leipzig café (and parts of two legs):  another take on colour blocking. shot with the lumix 20mm in very dim light.


schneiden (mit oder ohne termin)*

i think i have a soft spot for words (or typography for that matter) and i’m really into shadows… so this scene was like a honey pot for me.

seen at a haircutter’s on karl-liebknecht-strasse in leipzig. shot with the lumix 20mm.

* cutting (viz. hair) – with or without an appointment