pc283343niederrhein, december 2016

(and i promise this is the last one of my dabblings in landscape photography – for now :))


PC283217.jpgfour knotted willows, niederrhein, december 2016

oh buoy

pc283256niederrhein, december 2016

winter window

pc313486-2from the oldest city in germany, made with the last light of the last year


dsc05924-3i’m not much of a landscape photographer but this time the landscape almost photographed itself…

larrun, september 2016

they call it progress but it’s just movement

from a train, somewhere between duisburg and berlin, 2016

the title of this post is (slightly adapted) from the song ‘just movement’ by robert delong (click,hear)

catching the light

DSC02123-Bearbeitetby pushing the shadows…

la barena, laguna di venezia, 2015

(probably should have called it kitsch-ing the light :))


DSC01605-Bearbeitetla barena, laguna di venezia, 2015

winter tour

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAniederrhein, december 2015


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAanother hedge from the place where i grew up… there seems to be an almost infinite supply of new hedges

shot with the olympus m.zuiko 75mm f1.8 at f2.8 in the warmest december in germany on record.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAi hope the new year found you all in good spirit!?

(or) be part of it

DSC00257-Bearbeitetfriedrichshain, berlin, 2015

three little ducks

three little ducks

… let’s hope they all come back.

this is one of my few landscape photos. i took it close to lio piccolo in the laguna di venezia earlier this year.

oh, hannibal

oh, hannibal

a view on the alps from the laguna veneta. it was quite impressive.


escalationthis is a detail of the sculpture tiger&turtle – magic mountain by heike mutter and ulrich genth in duisburg. i liked the backdrop a lot.

living on the hedge

living on the hedge

it seems quite idyllic where i grew up… i never noticed.



the landschaps-zonneproject by piet slegers, 1979

i pushed the lights a bit so the metal triangle in the foreground gets completely white and looks a bit like been cut-out of the picture.

for fellow blogger ag.

give way

give way

i’d do it…

i’m not really sure what i like in this picture but i definitely like it. it’s probably the reduced palette with that exposed spot of red and all these nice varieties of green. it could of course be the content. the traffic sign looks a little bit lost and pointless in all the landscape (it wasn’t of course in reality). probably it’s a combination of both. that’s how it is supposed to work, right?

behind the fence

behind the fence

that’s another view onto the westhafen in berlin again. i’d guess these are fuel tanks but i don’t really know.



shot on a country road in the niederrhein area last weekend. i liked the almost typographic shape of the tree and then i discovered its bark and refrained from doing this picture in black and white.