kunst am bau


berlin schöneberg, 2021

all directions

berlin kreuzberg, 2021

der knipser

berlin alexanderplatz, 2021

interesting backstory: this wall frieze was only very recently uncovered again. for more than twenty years it was hidden behind an ad for a steakhouse in this building. for more information you might want to check wikipedia


DSC00553-Bearbeitetberlin lichtenberg, 2020

after more than half a year of daily posts i will go into kind of an aestivation mode for the coming weeks. have a nice (and healthy) summer y’all!


handbagsafter (very) little research i found out that this sculpture by berlin-based artist joachim schmettau had been away for restoration (and if you have a look at the wikipedia page linked above you can see why this was good idea) and those were the days when it was put back into its place at altonaer strasse, berlin tiergarten. it’s descriptively adequately called hand mit uhr and was made in 1975.

broken rainbow

broken rainbow

this was shot in lichtenberg on sunday. can you see the pot of gold at the left end of the rainbow? oh wait, it’s only a bike…