oh, hannibal

oh, hannibal

a view on the alps from the laguna veneta. it was quite impressive.

mirror tree

mirror tree

a little twist on my fondness for window trees… (see ‘related’ below)

part italian

part italianespecially the left part…

another flag-themed entry, now from inside a shop in friedrichshain.



it felt a wee little bit like visiting ancient maya ruins… but it was porto san giorgio, italy.


red trousersshot at the piazza in ascoli piceno, italy. you know i’m not a great people shooter but this spot of fantastic red got my attention. luckily i had the 40-150mm mounted…  one could argue about retouching the garbage out of the piazza but if you know this blog you know that i would have had put it in there if it hadn’t already been there in the first place ;) (i hope i got all the hads right…)


wetrain drops in porto san giorgio, italy.


transparencyseen in the city of porto san giorgio, italy.

from within, two

these have been taken from within the train from ancona to porto san giorgio, too.

from within

from withinshot from within the train going from ancona to porto san giorgio, italy.


railsfor the hands of course… seen in porto san giorgio again. (it really was quite picturesque there ;))


edicolaedicola at the beach in porto san giorgio.

edicola once was a word for a small temple (lat. aedicula). i don’t know whether today’s use of edicola for a kiosk is a nod to the original worshipping of idols that took place in aediculis back then?

fair enough

an empty fairground in porto san giorgio. they only come out at night…


finallysummer is hitting berlin. this picture was made at the airport in ancona, italy, though. (and it’s 27° celsius of course ;))

serafina e luigi

serafina e luigiserafina and luigi’s awning saved me from dissolving in the heavy rain in porto san giorgio last week. more pictures of that to come ;)

orange on wheels

orange on wheelsi’m back from my short trip to italy. this was shot at the station in ancona.



a zebra crossing leading nowhere. and a tree. shot in riva del garda.

baker man is baking bread

but not on sundays…

seen last summer in rovereto, italy. shot with the mighty lumix 14mm.