on fire

rostock, 2020

malportado kids – i’m on fire (click, hear)


P4071205-Bearbeitetspandau b. berlin, 2018

open door policy

DSC07303-Bearbeiteta ship in the harbour of st. malo, france, 2015

silo en bleu

DSC07286-Bearbeiteta blue silo in the harbour of st. malo, france



in the early hours of the morning. st. malo, france.



urk, the netherlands, 2014

this is the other side of the ship that got painted by the summer painter.

strangely enough i had to think of morbid angel’s god of emptiness (click,hear) when choosing the title…  homographs, can’t live with them can’t live without them… :)

bonus fun fact: in german the bow of a ship is called bug

yellow cable

yellow cableshot in the harbour of oudeschild on the dutch island of texel last summer.

square lights

square lightsshot at the harbour in münster/westf. with the lumix 20mm and a little bit of time… (2 seconds exposure at f2.8)

landungsbrücken, hamburg (details)

yellow red



to the right

yellow row

to the left

how tall am i

there’s a light


not in kansas

<UPDATE>since quite a handful of people seem to come from the dpreview forum entry about the m.zuiko 40-150mm: you can find a lot more image samples on this blog by clicking this: https://dothob.wordpress.com/tag/m-zuiko-40-150mm/ </UPDATE>

those were taken on a (very) recent trip to hamburg. i noticed again how much i really like the 40-150mm zoom. i had not used it for a while – actually since i got the 45mm – but sometimes nothing beats a nice compression effect (like in the 475 picture).  if you want to know a little more about the landungsbrücken in hamburg-st. pauli check (as usual) wikipedia.