saddle, shoes

shoes and saddle

… and the nozzle of a watering can (yes, and bricks and a baby plane and a sock).

seen in wedding again. there’s apparently always something photogenic when i visit this backyard.

strawberry sky

strawberry sky

you might already know i’m a sucker for lamp posts. but you did not know i’m also a sucker for strawberries. but then again, who isn’t…

seen at ostkreuz, friedrichshain.

i hear the rain

the rumours of summer sneaking up have been greatly exaggerated… at least here in berlin.

big red

little red

middle red

but all i love is green

i always wanted to do this but never did before. i really like the reflection of the lens (the gwc1 converter by the way) adding a bit to the structural elements of the pictures. these have all been taken through the window of the berlin s-bahn at various speeds and stations…

into the great wide open

UPDATE: of course i’ve taken some more shots with the gwc-1. you can find them here:

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as i promised here are some more pictures taken with the panasonic gwc-1 wide angle conversion lens attached to the very nice panasonic lumix 14mm pancake. that combination amounts to a ff-equivalent focal length of 22mm and that’s pretty wide.

the pictures have been shot in prenzlauer berg and friedrichshain, berlin. some of the pictures are cross-processed but otherwise unchanged so you who might be interested in achievable shallowness of  depth of field, corner sharpness and – oh yes – barrel distortion should get an impression of the capabilities of the converter by simply clicking on the pictures…

i failed at capturing the same scene with and without the gwc-1 attached, though. but if i get a request to do so, i will seriously consider doing it…

the gwc-1 is quite (and to me surprisingly) small and very light so it does only  add neglectable bulk to the equipment. of course if you’re used to travel only with the 14mm pancake the gwc-1 will most likely double your load. but that’s about it.

corner sharpness?

some vignetting

shallow dof (quite close admittedly)

quite close (obviously)

barrel distortion? oh yesssss!

so these pictures should be enough for a first impression of the merits of the gwc-1. i think corner sharpness is acceptable though not great, vignetting is ok, achievable shallowness of dof is great (@f2.5 and reasonably close), barrel distortion is absolutely unacceptable for critical subjects but absolutely tolerable in most of (my) shooting circumstances.

but now for some more pictures…



the twins (cropped, of course)

double decker chair

second hand portrait (flea market boxhagener platz)

empty fridge

bottom line: if you are looking for a moderately expensive wide angle solution for your micro four thirds camera, get a de-kitted 14mm pancake on ebay and try to get the gwc-1 somewhere. i think you won’t regret it. i definitely don’t.

thanks for reading! the nexts posts will be less technical again… but i thought i’d share my experience since there wasn’t much to find on the gwc-1.

but just in case you don’t trust me, trust john:




this mildly dystopian vision of berlin’s future was shot on a recent stroll through friedrichshain again. this is one of the first pictures taken with the panasonic wide angle conversion lens gwc-1 attached to the lumix 14mm pancake. when i got the 14mm on ebay as a de-kitted lens i had the converter in mind already. the converter seems to be quite scarce, though. i was lucky and got a used one from amazon warehouse deals very quickly (as opposed to four to five weeks delivery time for a new one)  and i’m very happy with it.

as you might know my first serious attempts at photography happened to happen with the great panasonic lx-3 and that had a 24mm equivalent lens. i really did miss the wide angle at first with my e-pl1 but then i got over it. at least i thought i did. now with the gwc-1 the good old wide feeling is back and i’m very happy with the converter.

soon i will post a few more images and a short assessment of the gwc-1.