kreuzbergean breakfast

kreuzbergean breakfast

leftovers found around görlitzer park two weeks ago. kreuzberg, berlin.

several shades of brown

several shades of brown

from moabit, berlin.

poetize yourselves

poetize yourselvesyes, it’s a word!

found on the island of usedom. besides the interesting implications of the slogan i liked the several shades of blue.



luckyyou, if you can still read the small print in this picture found in berlin friedrichshain.



door to pool

to the spreewaldbad, kreuzberg, berlin.

the american dream

the american dream

dreamt in kreuzberg, berlin.

all i love is blue

all i love is bluedarn red has to go…

i stumbled across this scenery in berlin moabit and i liked it a lot…

another brick

another brickplease!

mutti! antifa

mutti!shot in oranienburgerstrasse, kreuzberg, berlin.

youtz of today

youtzfound in kreuzberg, berlin. i liked the colour palette here.


parallelsshot in lichtenberg the other day.

looking up

looking upanother one from my visit on teufelsberg. shot with the gwc-1 wide conversion lens.

the baltic sea

the baltic seabehind a wall. and, well, beach art. found on the north-western extremity of sobieszewo.

from within

from withinshot from within the train going from ancona to porto san giorgio, italy.

barbie doesn’t live here anymore

barbie doesn'tthe barbie dreamhouse is visiting berlin mitte. i’m not going.

(not exactly) rocket science

(not exactly) rocket science

a university building in tübingen. most probably physics…

giant sleeping

giant sleeping (om zuiko 100mm, f8)

this is a quite recent graffito on the RAW compound in friedrichshain. it’s really huge. i have added a second picture for size reference.