snapped in berlin mitte a while ago with the gm1.



i think she’s one of the biggest birches i’ve ever met…



a volvo on a mission… from kreuzberg, berlin.

all i love is blue

all i love is bluedarn red has to go…

i stumbled across this scenery in berlin moabit and i liked it a lot…


silofound on the other side of ostkreuz. still friedrichshain, though.

have a brake

have a brake

an emergency brake in u-bahn station reinickendorfer strasse, berlin. some primaries here, i liked that a lot.

i almost went overboard while finding a title and was considering even something like don’t emgergency brake my heart... glad i found the other one… (i hope you, too)


sun rise

sun riseover moabit, berlin.

please fill in the blank

fill in the blankshot at u-bahnhof turmstrasse, berlin moabit.

green rose

green rosénot really my favourite colours but they fit together quite well. btw. these are the remains of a phone booth* in moabit, berlin. i think the same colour combination was featured recently on ward van moeseke‘s fine blog.

*they are still out there, one just doesn’t notice them anymore…

steamed up

steamed upa lot was going on in this window in friedrichshain, berlin.

coke cubes

prositfound in friedrichshain, berlin. of course i liked the repetition and the yellow.

flower to the people

flower to the people

people included. made in friedrichshain, berlin.

it cracks me up

it cracks me upanother one from my first outing with the gm1.


tagsfound in friedrichshain, berlin. that’s (part of) the poster showing the weekly schedule of the mikz in revaler strasse. i was probably still under the influence of visiting the buchstabenmuseum.


twinsnot really twins but they are bffe. shot with the gm-1 in friedrichshain.

the remains of the day

the remains of the dayfireworks in berlin.

silence of the lamp

silence of the lamp

shot while visiting family last week. i think i will include it in the lamp post series anyway :)

for the technically inclined: this is the first post here with the panasonic gm-1. a camera that would be a very big camera if smallness was bigness. i haven’t had many shooting opportunities yet, but the size and the irresistible silence of the camera (the camera would be very loud if … you get it) were really appealing to me. i’m curious as to how much the missing image stabilization will affect my shooting. i’m guessing it might probably not be worse than the shutter shock issue the e-p5 exhibits at unappropriate moments and surely more predictive. regarding ergonomics the e-p5 of course blows the little marble marvel out of the water but coming from a point and shoot (lx-3) and considering my typical shooting style this won’t get in the way too much.