cranes and trains

cranesok, you got me, it’s only one train…

made in poland 2013

sixty windows

two windows

view onto the stocznia gdańskа through sixty windows. taken last year.

feng shui

feng shui I feng shui IIa star-shaped building found on the island of sobieszewo, poland.

last round

for 2013 that is.

i wish you all a good 2014, lots of cool new photographic and other opportunities and i am looking forward to seeing you and your great pictures on the other side!

this is a gallery of some of the shots that have been featured over the course of the last twelve months on this blog.  i’m sorry but i did not  have the time to make this post shorter ;)

sculptural accident

sculptural accidentor accidental sculpture? again something yellow from the shipyard in gdańsk.

human factors

human factors


another one (literally, too) from the gdańsk shipyard. this time the m.zuiko 40-150mm really came in handy. these guys were working on probably 30m above the ground and were about 75m away.i liked the gesture of the upper right worker, the sparking and the yellows a lot.


c1 c2views onto the gdańsk shipyard (stocznia gdańska).

tribute to a bus

busi’ve heard today that saul leiter has died on tuesday. i’m a bit sad. i watched in no great hurry today for the second time. a great documentary film on saul leiter that i can absolutely recommend.



falling I

falling IIpart of the old harbour of gdańsk. shot through an advertisement board.

alien ship

alien shipprobably isocahedronic? it appears like a cargo vessel. no life forms detected.


busya busy photograph of a busy photographer. i love the greens here. captured in gdańsk.

elephants and gdańsk

elephants in gdańsk! collect them all!

the baltic sea

the baltic seabehind a wall. and, well, beach art. found on the north-western extremity of sobieszewo.

to the beach

to the beach I

to the beach IIi you want to have the beach you have to have the forest. at least on the island of sobieszewo and probably most other places at the baltic sea.

my first attempts with vertical panning with the e-p5. that seems to work reasonably well… but i guess it would have worked with the e-pl1, too.


imminentview on the refineries of gdańsk across the river wisła from the island of sobieszewo.

throwing in the towel (pink)

throwing in the towelshot on sobieszewo again.

beach hut (closed)

beach hut (closed)on our way to the beach on the island of sobieszewo we passed this beach hut. it was closed.


colour blobs (truck edition)

colour blobssome primaries from gdańsk again.

rectangles (across the street)


shot with the e-p5 and the 45mm while visiting gdańsk last week.