life imitating architecture

rostock warnemünde, 2020


PC210657berlin friedrichshain, 2019

something fishy


tübingen, 2018

eiffel tower and mont st. michel

eiffel tower and mont st. michel

together in one picture! *scnr*

normandie, summer 2015

iron bank

iron bank

from the blast furnace in duisburg landschaftspark nord.

imperial car park

imperial car parkdarth vader has just left the building (and his lightsabre, too)


a crack in the space-time continuum

a crack in the space-time continuum

i’m glad they could fix it…

ping pong

ping pong

since i couldn’t help noticing that the olympic games have commenced, here a mildly sports-related, mildly funny post again. shot in my kiez with the om zuiko 100mm at f4 or even f2.8. i applied a little polachrome with dxo.