last (?) winter vibes

hannover, 2023

beton mit schwong

DSC07686all day long… niederrhein, 2019

dark layers

trier, 2018


trier, 2018


treeeeesluckily one can still see the forest.

made in poland 2013

to the beach

to the beach I

to the beach IIi you want to have the beach you have to have the forest. at least on the island of sobieszewo and probably most other places at the baltic sea.

my first attempts with vertical panning with the e-p5. that seems to work reasonably well… but i guess it would have worked with the e-pl1, too.

premonitions of autumn

premonitions of autumnoh no, not already at this time of the year ;)

shot in venlo, the netherlands (but could of course have been anywhere)

on the green

it wasn’t greener on the other side…