kalter apparat iii

P3041614-Bearbeitetberlin tiergarten, 2020

day of the long grass

DSC08198-2antwerpen, belgië, 2020

the troggs – night of the long grass (click, hear)

public transport (colour version)

P3014040-Bearbeitetdetail of a train door, düsseldorf, 2017

water tower

dsc07441when i turned around from the green door, that’s what i saw: the roof of the water tower at ostkreuz above other roofs

berlin friedrichshain, december 2016

on getting a haircut

on getting a haircut

a tribute to saul leiter, he was the best. (in case you didn’t know that check out his stuff and maybe even watch ‘in no great hurry’). he’s gone for 14 months today.

found in kreuzberg and made with the panasonic 35-100mm f2.8 zoom that i had rented for the weekend. a great lens! maybe i’ll do a little review later…

rites of passage

rite of passagee.g. taking a picture at an airport… this time: the tiny airport of saarbrücken in the mist.

objects in the rear view mirror

may be less interesting than the mirror itself…

rear view mirror

windmills on my mind

blow lugs

though these pictures were taken in the middle of summer on the frisian island of ameland, i think they convey a somewhat autumny atmosphere.