father’s vegetable patch

…after he left, niederrhein, 2021



niederrhein, 2018

the mountain goats – nine black poppies (click,hear)

homesick for berlin

P4145081fernsehturm, berlin mitte, 2017

on a hot tin plate

on a hot tin plate

playing with shallow dof and a flower on a stove. of course it was switched off.

taken with the venerable lumix 20mm. still one of my favourite pieces of glass.

poppy wants a cracker

poppy wants a crackerfound on the st. elisabeth cemetery in berlin mitte. i cannot really relate the sound of the name “poppy” and these flowery beasts… in german btw. it’s called ‘mohn’ which sounds suspiciously like ‘moan’. ach, the arbitrariness  of the sign.

and yes… the title is a nod to nirvana



deadhead in bloom

deadhead in bloom

again a picture from the walk through the kaskelkiez in lichtenberg. and not surprisingly shot again with the panaleica 25mm. this lens is really growing on me ;)