sealed the deal

DSC05380-Bearbeitetbut in middelburg, the netherlands, 2019, ­čśő

weird aquarium

P9161168t├╝bingen, 2018

something fishy

poznań, poland, 2018

something fishy


t├╝bingen, 2018

something fishy

anchovies (boxhagener platz, berlin)

merluza/hake (mercat de la boquer├Ča, barcelona)

palamut/atlantic bonito (├╝sk├╝dar, istanbul)

the fishmongers in barcelona (and in istanbul and probably in most fish markets of the world) expose the gills of their goods to show its freshness. i’ve never seen this in germany, but i would guess that this habit would not really be appreciated by most of the customers here…

the istanbul photo was taken with the venerable lx-3 quite a while ago. the merluza was captured last year and the anchovies are still quite fresh…