all’s well that ends well

some (*cough*) of my favourite shots this year. thanks for watching and for all your likes and friendly comments! i’d like the idea that you’ve enjoyed visiting my blog at least half as much as i have making it.

have yourself a good 2015!



time machine

time machineeverything isĀ from the past when photographed with an analog camera on 400 iso film.

interior of sheriff teddy bar in friedrichshain, berlin. i had to crop the picture because of a severe light leak of the camera that did not fit into the picture. hence the square format.

lonely mountie

lonely mountieshot last week with my father’s olympus 35rc in friedrichshain (again). i took the 35rc to berlin last christmas. it’s a beautiful little rangefinder camera with a great zuiko lens and fun to use, but i still have to find the source of that light leak ;)