listening to the sea

DSC03637on the ferry to texel, the netherlands, 2017

don’t pay the ferry, man!

DSC03624don’t even fix. the price!

leaving den helder, the netherlands, 2017


ferry light

ferry light

another light from the ferry to st. helier, jersey. i like the faint green glow…

ferry light

ferry light

from the ferry to st. helier, jersey.

monday morning found tom miserable


shot on a sunday on the polish east coast of the island of usedom. this is part of the ferry from ystad to świnoujście.

i would be lying if i said i hadn’t thought of gursky here, but this is of course a completely different genre…

someday my ship will come in

but then again it might just be a sticker on a lamp post…

heidewitzka, herr kapitän, mem möllemer böötche fahre mer su jän (seen in cologne)

in transit